Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage

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Awarded by International Therapy Exmaination Council, UK.

ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage aims to:

  • To have the fundamental knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology (refer to A&P brochure)
  • To guide students towards holistic approach in life and beware of integral biology
  • To understand the appropriate legislation applicable to massage, issues surrounding ‘concert’ to treatment and importance of massage for clients and families receiving palliative or social care
  • To provide correct consultation method and how the programme will be evaluated and review process
  • To recognize common ailments and contraindications to massage
  • To provide client handling technique, how to give proper advice to clients after treatment and home care
  • To observe and practice hygiene
  • To acquire ,massage techniques and understand the structure to be worked over and their function
  • To have the basic knowledge of complementary therapies and first aid
  • To understand types of business, acts and legal entities, finance and costing, advertising and promotion
  • To practice professionalism, ethics, hygiene and health & safety

Upon successful completion, graduates of this programme can pursue their career as masseuse.

The course consists of 3 units with a total of 250 contact hours. Courses are delivered face to face.


  • Unit 2: Holistic Massage
  • Unit 30: Anatomy and Physiology
  • Unit 22: Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

TREATMENT EVIDENCE Treatment evidence documentation must be completed under the supervision of a Lecturer who must monitor the quality of the treatments performed throughout the Learner’s training to ensure that they meet the ITEC criteria.

*Kindly note that minimum enrolment is required for course start.

Course Fees, Structure & Duration
The course can be taken within a minimum period of 3 or 7 months for Part Time.


Total Course Fees Payable

Course Fee
Course Material Fee
FPS Insurance
7% GST



Course Fee
Course Material Fee
FPS Insurance
7% GST
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International Student**


Course Fee
Course Material Fee
FPS Insurance
7% GST
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Non-Tuition Fees

  • Rental of Locker
  • Medical Insurance
  • $267.50 Student Pass Processing Fee (applicable for international students only, non-refundable)
  • $53.50 Course registration fees (Non-refundable)
  • $510 Examination fees (Exclude GST)

SDF Funding Available
^SDF Funding has to be applied 1 month before commencement of course. The subsidies will be claimable at the end of the course.

Terms and conditions apply and subject to change without prior notice.

Graduates of Aesthetics International Academy can enjoy fee rebates for subsequent courses. Please contact our friendly course consultant for further details.

* All fees inclusive of 7% GST as we are GST registered company.
* Course fee includes usage of products & equipments during lessons

Assessment and Examination
At the commencement of each module, students will be provided the assessment mode and weightings for the module. Most modules have several points of assessment, which may include assignments, tests and final examinations.

In-House Examination
Theory: 3 hours (MCQ) (Include unit 2, 22 and 30)
Practical: 45 mins

ITEC Examination
Theory: 3 hours (MCQ) (Include unit 2, 22 and 30)
Practical: 45 mins

Total marks: 100 Pass marks: 60/100

Entry Requirements
The minimum entry requirements are:

  • At least 16 years old & above
  • Academic: Secondary 3 (Grade 9) or equivalent or above
  • Language: Proficiency in English or Chinese
  • English - Min. grade C6 (50% or higher); at least IELTS 4.5 or higher or a pass in GCE“N” Level English; or its equivalent
  • Mandarin - Min. grade C6 (50% or higher); at least pass in GCE“N” Level Mandarin; or its equivalent

Graduation Requirements

  • Must attend all lessons with minimum 100% attendance.
  • Must complete all portfolio evidence on the date given before examination.
  • Must score minimum of 60% in all theory and practical units.

Students who successfully complete the examination will be awarded with the (ITEC) Level 3 Diploma by International Therapy Examination Council, UK.