Students are strongly advised to look for their own accommodation before they arrive in Singapore.

Type of Accommodation

Shared Houses/ Apartment Students can look for a department or unit to share. There will reduce the costs of living. Residents do their own cleaning and may have to pay their own utility bills. Stay with Owner Tenants may have to pay the rental fee. Basically the rental fee including the utility bills! Private Hostel A few privately run hostels take in polytechnic students. Each has its own range of charges for room and board, and facilities.

Please click below link to get more information:
Property Guru
Easy Roommate

Notification of Change in Address Schools can now login to SOLAR+ via 'e-Update of Address' to report any changes in the student’s address. An acknowledgement will be sent within minutes if the report is successfully registered by the system. Alternatively, the student may also deposit the ‘Change of Address’ form into the drop-box located at the Student's Pass Unit near Counter 19. It will take 2 weeks to process the application and the student will be informed of the outcome by post.