Certificate In Advance Gel Nail Course


About Certificate in Advance Gel Nail Course.

An interesting & enriching experience where basic skills & knowledge are imparted to train people with passion in nails into Professional Nail Therapist. Our course syllabus is carefully designed to impart both theoretical and practical skills, which are essential for a professional Nail Therapist. With this foundation knowledge & skills, we assure that you'll be able to apply readily with more confidence at any workstation.

Designed to provide greater insight, the course syllabus incorporates all the know-how techniques and skills that will prepare the candidates with practical essentials of becoming a professional nail therapist. Most importantly, it in still a sense of confidence of any student who wants to enrich their experience in nail aesthetics.


- Unit Introduction
- Prepare themselves, client and work area for nail enhancement services
- Consultation techniques
- Carry out a nail and skin analysis
- Importance of carrying out a detailed nail and skin analysis
- Products, tools, equipment and techniques
- Identify nail and skin conditions
- Contra-indications that prevent treatment (requiring medical permission)
- Contra-indications that restrict treatment
- Complete the service to the satisfaction of the client
- Record the results of the service
- Aftercare advice
- Maintain and remove nail enhancements
- Contra-actions that may occur
- Chemical process
- Structure and functions of the nail and skin
- Nail shapes

Course Fees, Structure & Duration

The course can be taken within a period of 8 days


$ 1569.60 / Total Course Fees Payable
  • $1440.00 (U.P. $2400) Course Fee
  • N.A Course Material Fee
  • N.A Textbook
  • N.A IWC Insurance
  • $129.60 9% GST

Assessment mode:
Practical (to be prepared by student)

Special Installment Plan:
– 20% upon registration
– 80% on the date of commencement

*Our nail course is catered for group & individual teaching. Private lessons allow the educator to teach at a pace where she can give individual attention to the student, pointing out their mistakes and guiding them throughout the course.

Course duration:

8 lessons x 5 hours (per lesson)

From 10.30am - 4.30pm (including one hour lunch break)
Total: 40 hours (excluding 5 hours practical assessment)

Assessment and Examination

No examination is required. Certificate of participation will be awarded to students upon completion of the training lessons

In-House Examinations

Theory 30 minutes (multi choice paper).
Practical 1 hour 15 minutes includes 15 minutes examiner instructions.

Entry & Graduation Requirements

Nil. Anyone interested in Certificate in Advance Gel Nail Course are welcome to join in.

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Certificate In Advance Gel Nail Course

Course Fees, Structure & Duration

The course can be taken within a minimum period of 5 months for Full Time and 16 Months for Part Time.
Total Course Fees Payable
Course Fee
Exam Fee
Course Material Fee
IWC Insurance
8% GST