Transfer/Withdrawal Procedure

Procedure For Executing Student Contract

  1. The Administrator will explain the Advisory Note (Form 12) to students
  2. Student, guardian and/or parent are to sign on Advisory Note before signing the student contract.(Note : For Students that are under 18 years old, guardian and/or parent signatures are needed)
  3. The Administrator will explain the clause in the Standard Student-PEI contract to the students.
  4. Any amendments on the Student Contract must be acknowledged and signed by both the student and the school's representative.
  5. Students' signature dates on the Student Contract must not be pre-printed.
  6. Flowchart to explain the procedure for executing the student contract as follow:

Flowchart to explain the transfer / withdrawal procedure as follow :

Students who wish withdraw shall first consult the administrator and fill up the necessary application forms

Administrator will pass the completed course withdraw / cancellation application (Form 22) within one working day to the management for approval. If the student is under 18 years of age, parent and/or guardian’s acknowledgement must apply

Principal / MR will ensure that all FORMS are signed, dated and submitted at the end of the day.

The management will assess and approve or reject the application within two (2) working days

Notice of status in application will be given to students within three (3) working days from initial application

The administrator will check for any remaining, refundable or transferable course fees

New PEI-Student Contract will be signed, letter of cancellation & acceptance will be issued respectively.(where applicable)

The administrator will purchase new FPS insurance and update ICA and CPE (where applicable)