Course Assessment & Examination

Eligibility for final examinations is dependent upon satisfactory progression throughout the course, number of absence hours being within the rules, fee payments being up to date, proficient standard being achieved and the completion of course work.

Registration for the international examinations will only be conducted at the recommendation of the student’s educator, based on the student’s performance and progress during the course of study. All International examination fees must be paid in full on registration and are not refundable once registration has taken place. No cancellation can be made once registration of examination is done and submitted. A separate contract with FPS protection for the examination fees is required to complete the registration process.

All students that are registered for the international examinations are required to sit for an internal preliminary examination 1 month prior to the actual international examination. If students fail the internal preliminary examination, it will not affect the students to sit for the international examination. They will be offered the retake examination within one week. If students do not want to attend the retake, they shall not be awarded for the in house certificate. Students shall be responsible for the outcome of international exam.

In case of a candidate arriving late to their exam (mock exam/in house exam/ actual exam), if there’s 80% of time remaining, permission to enter is at the Examiner’s discretion. If the Examiner/Invigilator feels that it would be disruptive, they can refuse entry completely.

In the event of absent or On Leave, AES will not re-arrange any Mock Exam/ In House Exam. Thus, you will not receive the certificate from AES.

The grading scheme for AES internal preliminary examination is as follows:

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You will be assessed in both Theory and Practical examinations. You must receive a minimum of 60% (CIBTAC, ITEC), 70% (CIDESCO, CIDESCO Post Grad) in both Theory and Practical examinations in order to be considered to have passed the internal examination.

Example based on CIDESCO course: Example 1: Theory Score = 70% Practical Score = 80% Average = 75% Outcome = Pass Example 2: Theory Score = 68% Practical Score = 90% Average = 78% Outcome = Fail (minimum of 70% not achieved in Theory Paper)