Ear Candling In-House Courses

Awarded by Aesthetics International Academy Singapore
Ear Candling was an ancient remedy used by the Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and the Hopi Indians of North America and is now widely used in many countries throughout the modern world. Ear Candles are used to cleanse and harmonize the different energy fields of the individual (the aura) in preparation for the state of trance and to drive out negative energies.

Ear Candling relieves pressure and pain, mainly around head area. It is soothing and helpful for illness such as headaches, compacted ear wax etc. It is a very relaxing therapy.

Even today, some health care practitioners / providers and spas do practice ear candling for their patients / clients to treat problems and discomforts.

Course Syllabus

  • Treatment Plans
  • Preparation for Treatment
  • Control of the Environment
  • Appropriate Professional Appearance of the Therapist
  • Consultation
  • Contra-indications and Side Effects
  • Contra-indications that Prevent Treatment (requiring medical permission)
  • Contra-indications that Restrict Treatment
  • Communicate Findings to the Client
  • Selection of Treatment Specific Products
  • Performance of Treatment Routine and Processes
  • Set Up for Treatment
  • Select the Appropriate Products, Tools, Equipment
  • Record Treatment Outcomes
  • Aftercare and Homecare Advice

Course Fees, Structure & Duration


Total Course Fees Payable

Course Fee
Course Material Fee
FPS Insurance
7% GST



Course Fee
Course Material Fee
FPS Insurance
7% GST
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*FREE: 3 sets of Ear Candles

Special Installment Plan

  • 20% upon enrolment
  • 80% on the date of commencement

No examination is required.
Certificate of participation will be awarded to students upon completion of the training lessons

Entry Requirements
Nil. Anyone interested in Ear Candling In-House Courses are welcome to join in.