Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Replacement of CIBTAC / CIDESCO Badge S$85
  • Examination Fees ITEC (GST Included) S$549.30
  • Practical/Theory Paper Re-Examination Fees (ITEC) S$90
  • 2 Units: S$103
  • 3 Units: S$120
  • 4 Units: S$140
  • 5 Units: S$160
  • Theory / Practical Paper Re-Examination Fees (CIBTAC) S$160.50/unit
  • Theory / Practical Paper Re-Examination Fees (CIDESCO) S$0
  • Replacement of Diploma (CIBTAC) S$160.50
  • Replacement of Diploma (CIDESCO & ITEC) S$214
  • Extension of Course 30% of the course fee
  • Late Examination Fee (CIBTAC) S$48.15
  • Late Examination Fee (ITEC) S$59.70
  • Case Study Session S$107
  • Rental of Locker S$154.08 (L)
  • Locker Rental Deposit S$30
  • Replacement of Lost / Damage Locker Keys S$5.35
  • Replacement of Lost / Damage Student ID card S$21.40
  • Medical Insurance S$133.75 (per annum)
  • Student Pass Processing Fee (Optional) S$214
  • Renewal of Student Pass Fee S$128.40
  • Administrative Fee S$107
  • Multiple Entry Visa Fee (payable to ICA) S$30
  • Student Pass Issuance Fee (payable to ICA) S$60

General stationery items and supplementary text books (if any);

All of the above mentioned items are classified under the “Miscellaneous Fees” Section of your student contract. Kindly refer to the student contract or contact our administrative staff for the amount of fees associated to each item.