New Applications

New applications are to be submitted at least one month before the commencement of the course. Clear information of every intake and its course commencement date for international students will be displayed on AES website 3 months before actual commencement. Applicants are not required to be present in Singapore while their applications are being considered. Hence, no extension of stay will be considered while the applications are under processing.

AES will collect all necessary data for Student pass application, including any fee* payable. (*fee solely refers to application fees collected by ICA) Successful applicants may enter Singapore to complete the formalities after their applications have been approved. They will be issued Student's Passes within 1 month from the commencement date of the courses.

Submission New applications are to be submitted via the Student’s Pass On-Line Application & Registration+ (SOLAR+) system. AES will register with ICA for the use of SOLAR+, procedure was practiced during AES CASE trust accreditation period.

Processing Time The general processing time for a new application is about 4 weeks upon the receipt of a duly completed application by ICA. Some applications may however take a longer time to process. The PEO will be notified of the outcome via SOLAR+ system.

How to apply? This applies if you are currently not studying in Singapore and DO NOT hold a valid Student Pass.

Step 1: Download and submit your application form via Email or Fax to Aesthetics International Academy for enrolment confirmation. (ONLINE APPLICATION AVAILABLE SOON)

Step 2: AES Administrative Officer will register your application for a Student Pass on ICA’s SOLAR+ system, and obtain your SOLAR+ Application Number.

Step 3: Your SOLAR+ Application Number will then be emailed to you.

Step 4a: We can on your behalf, process your application using your SOLAR+ Application number. (Complete Authorization Section attached in Course Application Form)

Step 4b: Alternative, on your own, after receiving the SOLAR+ Application number, Apply for your Student Pass online within seven days of receiving your SOLAR+ Application Number. At the website, click on ‘PEO’, then ‘Student’. Note: You will need your SOLAR+ Number in order to apply for the Student Pass.

Step 5: When you have successfully submitted your SOLAR+ Application, it will be routed as “Receiving Attention” according to ICA.

Step 6: ICA will take about 4weeks to process an application. You can check the status of your application online, from the SOLAR+ website, using your SOLAR+ Application Number.

Step 7: Once ICA has approved your application, an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter will be issued.

Step 8: Go for a medical check-up. Ensure your doctor uses the prescribed form attached to your IPA letter. If you have studied in Singapore before, you must do your medical check-up here in Singapore; otherwise, using the prescribed form, you can go to any registered General Practitioner in your home country for your medical check-up.

Step 9: Refer to Completion of Formalities as per ICA.

Step 10: Documents required for Collection of Student Pass

  • IPA Letter
  • Passport (which must be valid for at least half a year)
  • One recent passport-sized colour photograph
  • Documents as listed in Annex A or B (Refer to IPA Letter)
  • A completed original medical check-up form and original copy of the laboratory report.
  • Your duly signed Student Pass Application e-Forms
  • Acknowledge a copy of the Terms & Conditions of Issue for Long Term Pass (LTP) Card.
  • Issuance of card fee.

You can make your payments online via SOLAR+ system or payment by NETS, CashCard, Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards at the lobby located at ICA Building.