Personal Make Up Course


Awarded by Aesthetics International Academy Singapore.

As Makeup does a lot for women who are especially prone to stress situations, you may want to empower yourself with essential knowledge and learn the wondrous ways to an amazing you through this specially designed personal makeup course to create a unique personal look.

To give the candidates an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills. At the same time, cultivate and boost their confidence in this field.


- Treatment plans
- Control of the environment to consider
- Skin Analysis
- Skin Conditions and characteristics
- Contra-indications that prevent treatment (requiring medical permission)
- Contra-indications that restrict treatment
- Communicate findings to the clients
- Selection of treatment specific product
- Performance of treatment routine and processes
- Set up for treatment
- Techniques demonstrated
- Corrective methods
- Conclusion
- Recording of treatment outcomes
- Aftercare and homecare advice

Course Fees, Structure & Duration

The course can be taken within a period of 4 days


$ 523.20 / Total Course Fees Payable
  • $480.00 Course Fee
  • N.A Course Material Fee
  • N.A Textbook
  • N.A IWC Insurance
  • $43.20 9% GST

Candidates are required to prepare the following items:
– 1 Make-up Apron (bib)
– 2 Sponges
– 1 Powder Puff
– 1 set Make-up Brushes
– 1 Eyelash Curler
– Cotton Wool & Buds

Special Installment Plan
– 20% upon enrolment
– 80% on the date of commencement

Part Time:

4 lessons - 3 hours (per session)
Total : 12 hours

Every Monday 10.30am-1.30pm
Every Wednesday 07.00pm-10.00pm

Assessment and Examination

No examination is required. Certificate of participation will be awarded to students upon completion of the training lessons

In-House Examinations

Theory 30 minutes (multi choice paper).
Practical 1 hour 15 minutes includes 15 minutes examiner instructions.

Entry & Graduation Requirements

Nil. Anyone interested in Personal Make Up Course are welcome to join in.

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Personal Make Up Course

Course Fees, Structure & Duration

The course can be taken within a minimum period of 5 months for Full Time and 16 Months for Part Time.
Total Course Fees Payable
Course Fee
Exam Fee
Course Material Fee
IWC Insurance
8% GST