Re-Sitting of Internal Preliminary Examination

If you fail to reach the minimum score in either the theory or practical (or both) component of the internal exam, you will be given another opportunity to re-take the whole examination or component of it at the sole discretion of the academy.

The re-take must be done within 1 week following the failure of the internal assessment. Any appeals on the sitting for the international exam shall be directed to the examination board. The decision from the examination board is final and no further appeal will be entertained.

International examinations are assessed by external examiners provided by the International examinations bodies. Policies and fees for International exams are governed by the individual International Examining Boards.

International examinations for CIBTAC and ITEC will take place in January, April, July and November of every year. The academy organize about 3-4 examinations in a year for the CIBTAC and ITEC courses. An official exam notification will be given to candidates at least 1 month prior to the examination. The exam schedule will consist of information such as exam date, time, venue, items to bring etc. International examinations for CIDESCO, CIBTAC and ITEC will be conducted at the end of the course or the next nearest exam date, whichever is later.