Refund Procedure

Refund Procedure

  1. The refund procedures are clearly communicated to students via website, student handbook.
  2. Student will be refunded after getting approval on withdraw* application. *AES do not have transfer case. All transfer case are treated as withdrawal.
  3. The administrator will act accordingly with refund policy and tabulate the entire amount of the course (where applicable), FPS and Medical Insurance fee (amount of refund will be pro-rated) submit recommendation to Management for final approval. "Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) already paid is not refundable."
  4. Management approves refund request, 1st level is Principal, 2nd is HOD Operation.
  5. The administrator will pass the refund request to Accounts Department for processing of refund. If there is no refund, give notice to student that no refund is given. Cheque will be issued to student within 5 working days.
  6. Student acknowledges refund by signing on the payment voucher.
  7. The administrator files all the related document/s for recording purposes, update database and FPS Service Provider within 3 working days. Administrator will also update via the Academy’s AEMS.
  8. Service target for refund period is within 7 working days from the date of withdrawal application.
  9. Students on special grant schemes such as Skills Development Fund (SDF) will be refunded based on the standard refund table. The academy also reserves the right to collect balance outstanding fees (funded portion) due from the student in the event of withdrawal after the refund period or when the student fails to meet the requirements stipulated by SDF (The minimum requirements stipulated by SDF is at least 75°。attendance and passed for the test, examinations and assessments.)
  10. The SDF applicant MUST achieve at least 75°。attendance and passed for the examinations. The refund amount is based on the unfunded portion that has paid. Please take note that in the event if the specific student under the SDF funding scheme FAILS either to complete the course attendance and fails the examination, the subsidy from the relevant government agency WILL BE NULL AND VOID. Therefore the School will have the right to pursue any fees owning to the academy.
  11. For SDF applicants, there will be no full payment for course fees except for the unfunded portion and all necessary course materials and or FPS Fees GST Textbook during the course of studies.


Flowchart to explain the refund procedure as follow :

The student will make the request for refund after they get approval of course withdraw application

The administrator will acknowledge the receipt of the request upon approval of withdraw / cancellation application.

The administrator will act with reference to refund policy and tabulate the entire course amount and submit to the management for approval.

Upon confirmation of the details of application, the request will be submitted to accounts department for processing of refund.

Accounts department will verify all the documents received. Cheque will be made available to student within 5 working days from days from the receipt of the refund request. Service target for refund period is 7 working days from data of application.

Student will have to sign on the cheque payment voucher to acknowledge that he/she had recived the refund.

Filling all the documents for record purposes, update database and cancel FPS insurance with FPS services provider. Any refund pro-rated will be returned to student respectively.