Renewal of Student’s Passes Applications/ Transfer Courses

Renew for Extend the Course Duration

Students who are renewing their Student’s Passes to continue their studies in AES must submit application for Student’s Pass renewal at least 2 weeks before the commencement of the course. This applies for course extension due to upgrade, failure and transfer. Students waiting for examination dates may qualify.

AES will submit all applications through SOLAR+

Submission of renewal Applications to renew a Student’s Pass are to be submitted via the SOLAR+ system 2 weeks before the expiry of the existing Student’s Pass.

Processing Time of renewal The processing time is 5 full working days (excluding day of application and collection). However, some cases may take a longer time to process.

Renew for Transfer Course

Re-application for Students’ Pass when a course transfer is not applicable, however, AES will update ICA about transfer of course and for ICA to issue a new student pass to the affected student. Course Transfer applicability will be at the sole discretion of ICA. Time frame for submission has to be received at least (2) Two weeks from date on next available lesson. (Time frame is dictated by ICA).

How to apply? You have to apply to renew your Student Pass if: (a) You are currently studying in AES, and your Student Pass will expire before the course ends. E.g. you are moving from CIBTAC to CIDESCO, but your Student Pass expires at the end of your CIBTAC course. (b) You wish to switch to a different course at AES. Renewal of Student’s Passes Applications/ Transfer Courses

Step 1: If you are switching courses, inform Administration Department of your eligibility and complete the Course Transfer Form. You are required to sign a new contract before proceeding with the transfer of student pass application.

Step 2: Administration will then register your application for a Student Pass on ICA’s SOLAR+ system, and obtain your SOLAR+ Application Number.

Step 3: Within seven days upon receiving the SOLAR + Application Number, you must complete the required fields in the Student Pass document online at the SOLAR+ website. To begin, click on ‘PEO’, then on ‘STUDENT’ and log-in using the SOLAR+ number given.

Step 4: Fill in all required details and upload your photo at the end. The system will prompt you to pay for the processing fee of S$30.00. Application will not be processed if no payment is made.

Step 5: You can check the status of your application online at the same website, using your SOLAR+ Application Number. ICA will process your application within two to four weeks.

Step 6: Once ICA has approved your renewal / transfer course, an In-Principle Approval (IPA) will be issued.

Step 7: Collect the IPA Letter and arrange for collection of Student’s Pass. (Collection of student’s pass is strictly by appointment ONLY)

Step 8: You may be required to go for a medical check-up. For renewal / transfer cases, the medical examination and HIV testing MUST be done in Singapore by any registered GP.

Step 9: Collect your Student Pass from ICA within two months from the issue date of the IPA letter.

Bring the following documents:
  1. A copy of your IPA Letter
  2. Your passport / travel document with a valid Visit Pass/Student Pass and a copy of the personal particulars page
  3. One recent passport-sized colour photograph (if required)
  4. A completed medical check-form form (if required)
  5. Your duly signed Student Pass application e-Forms
  6. Payment of issuance fee and multiple entry visa. (You may make your payments online via SOLAR+ System or payment by NETS, CashCard, Visa and MasterCard credit / debit cards.)
  7. Acknowledgement of the Terms & Conditions for Issuance of Long Term Pass (LTP) card.