Student Grievance Procedure

Step 1: Any students who believe that he / she has a grievance shall take up the matter by submitting a Feedback / Complaint Form or a written email to any our student support officer within five (5) working days of its occurrence.

Step 2: The principal of the academy shall assign an investigating staff to respond to the student's grievance within five (5) working days. The investigating staff shall provide an opportunity for full discussion of the grievance with the aggrieved student.

Step 3: Investigating staff will report status of complaint and investigation to Principal. Thereafter, the Principal will meet up with the student to inform the outcome of the investigation and to discuss on the solutions. This process shall be completed within fourteen (14) working days.

Step 4: If the response of the principal in STEP 3 is unsatisfactory and the parties are unable to informally resolve the dispute / issue through mediation, the case may be referred to CPE for further action.