Student Welfare

Welfare and amenities for students

Over at Aesthetics International Academy, we pride ourselves to provide welfare and amenities for all our students so that they can have a pleasant and enjoyable studying environment.

  1. Extra coaching/practice sessions will be conducted at the discretion of the educators in approximately 1 month running towards the international examination. Further information on the dates and commencement of these sessions will be revealed in due time.
  2. Counselling Services- As part of the academy’s effort to look after students’ wellbeing, counselling services are provided upon student’s request or when a counsellor’s presence is required in cases when third party advice may be involved.
  3. Job opportunities: As one of the leading aesthetics educational institution, students graduated from the academy are highly sought after by industry-players. Upon graduation, our administration team will proceed to engage in job recommendations for all graduates.

Green Engagement Group

As part of the academy’s commitment towards the green-effort and caring for the society, a group known as the Green Engagement Group (GEG) has been set up to organize activities to raise awareness and promote interests in these areas. This arrangement is strictly on a voluntary basis. Students are widely encouraged to sign up for these activities whenever they are organized. Activities planned may include events such as, recycling campaigns, collection of old newspapers and clothing for charitable organizations.

Medical Insurance (MI)

AES has in place a Medical Insurance (MI) scheme for all its students* as required by CPE under the EduTrust certification scheme. This medical insurance scheme will minimally provide for an annual coverage limit of not less than S$20,000 per student, at least B2 ward in government and restructured hospitals and 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities) throughout the course duration. Full-time Local/Permanent Resident or non-Student Pass International students who are protected by their own medical insurance in Singapore can opt out of the aforementioned medical insurance scheme. AES will absorb the medical insurance fee for all the Full-time student including permanent resident or non-Student Pass International students. Currently, purchase made on group insurance for all the full time students but not applicable on part-time students.

Freshman Orientation

The school warmly welcome new students, introduction of relevant courses of study and the academic environment will be presented by power point. A checklist of information will be issued to new students explained on the first day of commencement.

Pastoral Counselling Framework

Student involvement: Students to be encouraged to take part in the Green Engagement Group’s events and programs to bring about a sense of belonging to the school. In additional, AES may organize small gatherings during major seasonal events such as AES establishment day, Chinese New Year and Christmas.

Counselling Advice: Students of AES may approach their Educators as the first level of contact for general academic and non-academic advice. Welfare counselors are available on appointment basis, should any students need help in counselling pertaining to personal problems or career guidance.