Swedish Massage Technique


Awarded by Aesthetics International Academy Singapore.

To promote a deeper understanding on a widely used massage techniques worldwide. This popular massage technique is suitable for almost everyone. You can do this massage at the convenience of your home or at a salon.


- Treatment Plans
- Preparation for Treatment
- Appropriate Professional Appearance of the Therapist
- Consultation
- Skin and Body Analysis
- Skin Conditions and Characteristics
- Contra-indications that Prevent Treatment (requiring medical permission)
- Contra-indications that Restrict Treatment
- Communicate Findings to the Client
- Selection of Treatment Specific Products
- Performance of Treatment Routine and Processes
- Set Up for Treatment
- Techniques Demonstrated
- Knowledge of Massage Movement
- Recording Treatment Outcomes
- Aftercare and Homecare Advice

Course Fees, Structure & Duration

The course can be taken within a period of 4 days


$ 784.80 / Total Course Fees Payable
  • $720.00 Course Fee
  • N.A Course Material Fee
  • N.A Textbook
  • N.A IWC Insurance
  • $64.80 9% GST

Special Installment Plan
– 20% upon enrolment
– 80% on the date of commencement

Assessment and Examination

No examination is required. Certificate of participation will be awarded to students upon completion of the training lessons

In-House Examinations

Theory 30 minutes (multi choice paper).
Practical 1 hour 15 minutes includes 15 minutes examiner instructions.

Entry & Graduation Requirements

Nil. Anyone interested in Swedish Massage Technique are welcome to join in.

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Swedish Massage Technique

Course Fees, Structure & Duration

The course can be taken within a minimum period of 5 months for Full Time and 16 Months for Part Time.
Total Course Fees Payable
Course Fee
Exam Fee
Course Material Fee
IWC Insurance
8% GST