TCM Child Massage Therapy Course


TCM Child Massage Therapy Course, also known as Xiao Er Tui Na, is a massage therapy that aims to promote health and well-being of our children without the need to consume oral medication or enduring the pain of needles. It is an ancient technique which presents a safe, gentle and non-invasive form of treatment for young children. It involves the stimulation of unique acu-points to regulate the flow of Qi and blood within the meridians to strengthen constitution and immunity, while promoting growth and development. What to do if my child has no appetite? What to do if my child sweats excessively in his sleeps? What to do if my child has constipation? What to do if my child has fever? There’s so many how and what to do for parents during a child’s growth. As children’s body functions are not fully matured yet, their immune systems are not fully developed, causing them to fall sick easily. Common pediatric diseases such as flu, fever, cough, diarrhea, constipation, bad appetite, enuresis etc. have always been worrying parents. This course will analyse children’s physiological characteristics from a TCM perspective and teach you useful common pediatric massage techniques. Pediatric massage is an all-natural treatment, there is no need for injection or medicine, no toxic side effects. It is safe, simple, and effective. It not only helps to prevent and cure diseases, but also provides well-rounded health care for children’s growth.
Through this course, you will learn about

- Pediatric physiology through the perspective of TCM
- Common acupuncture points for children and their uses
- Efficient pediatric massage techniques and other simple household solutions

Lecturer introduction

Chen ShengBin

- BA, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
- BA, Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Singapore Registered TCM practitioner
- Experienced in common pediatric diseases: Flu, cough, fever, bronchitis, rhinitis, asthma, abdominal pain, diarrhea, malnutrition, constipation, indigestion, vomiting, hiccups, stunting, increase growth height, develop children intelligence and increase immunity.

Course Fees, Structure & Duration

The course can be taken within a period of 2 days


$ 392.40 / Total Course Fees Payable
  • $360.00 Course Fee
  • N.A Course Material Fee
  • N.A Textbook
  • N.A IWC Insurance
  • $32.40 9% GST

Special Installment Plan
– 20% upon enrolment
– 80% on the date of commencement

Model Fee $120 (Optional)
*Include Material Fee and GST

Assessment and Examination

No examination is required. Certificate of participation will be awarded to students upon completion of the training lessons.

In-House Examinations

Theory 30 minutes (multi choice paper).
Practical 1 hour 15 minutes includes 15 minutes examiner instructions.

Entry & Graduation Requirements

Nil. Anyone interested in TCM Child Massage Therapy Course are welcome to join in.

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TCM Child Massage Therapy Course

Course Fees, Structure & Duration

The course can be taken within a minimum period of 5 months for Full Time and 16 Months for Part Time.
Total Course Fees Payable
Course Fee
Exam Fee
Course Material Fee
IWC Insurance
8% GST