Infant Massage

Awarded by Aesthetics International Academy Singapore
This technique is suitable for anybody who is keen in learning more about infant massage therapy or for those who wants to promote communication and bonding with their infants.

Course Syllabus

  • Unit Introduction
  • History and concept of Infant Massage
  • Benefits for Infant Massage
  • Developments stage of baby
  • Sleep patterns and states of the infant children
  • Importance of identify colic
  • Difference type of parenting
  • Effects of depression of the mother (if possible)
  • Appropriate legislation applicable to massage treatment
  • Issues surrounding "consent" to treatment
  • Demonstrate methods of consultation with the parent guardian
  • Bond with the infant child
  • Common aliments and contraindications to massage
  • Demonstrate appropriate client care
  • Demonstrate the correct hygiene procedure
  • Demonstrate any precautions to be taken during the massage
  • Demonstrate the appropriate massage support
  • Demonstrate the effects and benefits of the appropriate medium for treatment
  • Classical massage movements and their physiological and psychological effects
  • Reactions of the treatments (If possible)
  • Homecare advice after treatment

Course Fees, Structure & Duration
The course can be taken within a period of 1 day


Total Course Fees Payable

Course Fee
Course Material Fee
FPS Insurance
7% GST



Course Fee
Course Material Fee
FPS Insurance
7% GST
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Special Installment Plan

  • 20% upon enrolment
  • 80% on the date of commencement

No examination is required.

Certificate of participation will be awarded to students upon completion of the training lessons

Entry Requirements
Nil. Anyone interested in Infant Massage are welcome to join in.